Scam warning

Australia Post phishing scam

Your online security is important to us

Suncorp Bank customers should be aware of fraudulent phishing text messages which claim to be from Australia Post.
The messages ask customers to follow a link and enter their card details to make a payment for outstanding postage or to arrange redelivery.

Examples of phishing messages - 

What happens?

You may be asked to complete a form with your card details and personal information. Whilst this appears to be a payment form it is not, it is a scammer capturing your personal information.

The first six digits of a card number identify which bank issued it, allowing the scammer to identify your bank and then  call you, spoofing that bank’s number, or withholding their number.

The scammer may claim to be calling from the bank’s fraud team telling you that you are the victim of an Australia Post phishing scam and that there is a suspicious payment on your card (for the amount you have just ‘authorised’ to be taken on your card). 

The scammer may then

  1. Ask you to go through an ID process with them to extract more information from you.  They may use the information gathered from you in the phishing message (e.g. card details, contact details) to convince you they are the bank.   
  2. Ask you to disclose one time codes to enable them to make payments using the card details that they have gathered from you, or to access your internet banking.  They may tell you they need these codes to reverse fraudulent transactions but in fact they are authorising those transactions.  You must always read the full message accompanying a one time codes and never share one time codes.
  3. Tell you that there is an internal fraud at Suncorp Bank and you need to move your money to a “safe” account at another bank to protect it.  They may send spoofed SMS messages as part of the scam


If you receive a message like this do not click the link. Delete the message.

If you have clicked on a link and are concerned you may have compromised card or personal information, call Suncorp Bank immediately on 13 11 55.  Please screenshot any messages to assist our investigation and then delete them. 

If you receive a text message or email that doesn’t feel right, stop, think and call Suncorp Bank on 13 11 55. Never feel pressured to provide your details or take action.

Suncorp Bank will never ask you to transfer money from your account, or to share one time codes with us. 

Review Australia Post scam warnings for the most up-to-date information and warnings about phishing messages (both SMS and email).