Suncorp Bank Website Accessibility

Suncorp Bank strives to ensure that our website and all of our online services are accessible to everyone. Therefore, our goal is to comply with the W3C/WCAG 2.2 Level AA guidelines for website accessibility.

We’re taking the following steps to achieve this:

  • we strive to ensure all new and updated content and any other site upgrades comply with WCAG 2.2 (Level AA)
  • we investigate other accessibility technologies and services such as screen readers, voice recognition systems and other devices to assist persons with disabilities.

Recommended Web browsers


PDF files

Screen size/resolution

Font sizes

Phone and branch support 

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Recommended Web browsers

Desktop browsers

  • Chrome (the three latest versions)
  • Safari (the three latest versions)
  • Edge (the three latest versions)

Mobile browsers

  • Chrome mobile browser (the three latest versions)
  • Safari mobile browser (the three latest versions)
  • Edge mobile browser (the three latest versions)


In order to operate the Suncorp Bank website as intended, JavaScript should be enabled on your web browser. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, we cannot guarantee the performance of the website. See your browser help files for instructions on how to enable this functionality.

PDF files

Suncorp Bank uses the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) standard for presenting certain information on our website. The purpose of this format is to enable documents to be easily downloaded or printed, whilst keeping the original design and layout intact, a feature that is not always possible when downloading or printing a pure HTML web page. We are aware that the PDF format presents difficulties for some users and we’re committed to ensuring that all PDF files conform to accessibility standards.

Screen size

We support a minimum screen width of 350 pixels.

Font sizes

When increasing text size or zooming, we recommend using the controls built into your web browser for the largest zoom range. 

Interested in phone and branch accessibility support?

For information on the National Relay Service, Suncorp Bank’s Translating and Interpreting Service and more, visit our our Accessibility and Inclusion page.

Learn more about website accessibility

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) maintains web standards, including accessibility. For more information, please visit their site: