Now you can PayLater

Suncorp Bank PayLater. No interest, pay in 4.

Easy to use, easy to pay.

No interest - make 4 equal fortnightly payments

No fees when you pay on time

Apply in minutes for a spend limit of $1,000

Shop with Visa Debit worldwide*

Pay for it your way

Buy it now and pay it back in four easy payments.

  • Use the Suncorp Bank PayLater Visa Debit card worldwide, in-store and online,* for purchases of $50 or more, up to your spend limit of $1,000. 
  • When you make a PayLater purchase, we’ll immediately deduct 25% of the price from your linked Suncorp Bank Everyday Options Account,^ with three more equal automatic fortnightly payments to follow.
  • Once approved, you can add your PayLater Visa Debit card to your phone’s digital wallet instantly.
  • There are no account keeping fees and no foreign currency conversion fees when you use your PayLater Visa Debit card overseas or when shopping online.

Suncorp PayLater Visa Debit card on Apple Pay

Track spending your way

It all comes together in the Suncorp Bank App.

Download the latest version of the Suncorp Bank App to access all PayLater account features.

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  • Your PayLater purchases and payment schedules are all at your fingertips in the one App. 
  • You can make payments early at any time.
  • You can even adjust your payment day to better suit your lifestyle. 

Suncorp Bank Transaction Details

Budget your way

Suncorp Bank PayLater is designed to help you stay on top of your payments.

  • We’ll always send reminders when an automatic fortnightly payment is coming up.
  • We know sometimes life can get a little hectic. If an automatic payment is missed because you don’t have enough funds in your linked account, you’ll have two more days to pay it manually before we charge a $10 late fee (which we hope to never do). 
  • Unlike some other ‘buy now, pay later’ options, Suncorp Bank PayLater late fees are capped at one late fee per purchase.

Suncorp Bank App Home Screen

How PayLater works with an Everyday Options Account

To be eligible, the account:

  • needs to be in your name (either solely or as a joint account with someone else)
  • must not require more than one signature for withdrawals 
  • can not currently be overdrawn.

To get started with Suncorp Bank PayLater, you’ll need an eligible Suncorp Bank Everyday Options account.

All your PayLater payments will be deducted from this linked account.

Payments are automatic, so always ensure your Everyday Options Account has sufficient funds before making a PayLater purchase and whenever a payment is due.

You can:

  • Use an existing eligible Everyday Options Account
  • Open an Everyday Options Account when you apply for Suncorp Bank PayLater

It only takes a few minutes to open an Everyday Options Account. Once it’s open, you can continue your Suncorp Bank PayLater application straightaway.

With the Everyday Options Account you bank online, in branch and by phone plus you can spend, save and budget better with sub-accounts and flexiRates.1

Benefits include:

  • no monthly fees
  • no foreign currency conversion fees on Visa Debit card2 purchases online and overseas
  • the option to lock in higher rates by setting aside savings in your Everyday Options Account with flexiRates
  • the option to open up to 9 sub-accounts to help you budget and save.

We also offer other Everyday Accounts, but they’re not eligible to be linked to your Suncorp Bank PayLater account

Get started with PayLater

Before applying for a Suncorp Bank PayLater account, please read these important Terms and Conditions (PDF 100KB).

Everything you need to know about PayLater is in this document.

We’re here to help

Frequently asked questions

There are a few things you’ll need before you can apply for a Suncorp Bank PayLater Account, including an eligible Suncorp Bank Everyday Options Account which will be linked to your PayLater Account.

As long as the Everyday Options Account is in your name (either solely or as a joint account with someone else), doesn’t need more than one signature for withdrawals and is not currently overdrawn, it’s an eligible account.

To apply for a Suncorp Bank PayLater Account, you also need to be at least 18 years old, have your identity verified (you’ll need to supply your Australian Driver’s Licence details) and satisfy a credit check with a credit reporting bureau. 

Things you should know

Deposit Products and Suncorp Bank PayLater are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd (“Suncorp Bank”) ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL No 229882 to approved applicants. Before opening a deposit account, please read the Product Information Document for Personal Deposit Accounts (PDF 311KB). Before opening a Suncorp Bank PayLater Account, please read the Suncorp Bank PayLater Terms & Conditions (PDF 100KB) $1,000 maximum Suncorp Bank PayLater credit limit.

*Suncorp Bank PayLater cannot be used for purchases from merchants classified under the gambling merchant category codes, or ATM usage.

^25% of the purchase price must be available in your linked Everyday Options Account at the time of purchase for the transaction to be approved.

1. flexiRates can only be opened and accessed online.

2. To be eligible for a Suncorp Bank Visa Debit card you must be 16 years of age or older. If not eligible you will receive a Suncorp Bank eftpos card.

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To be eligible, the account:

  • needs to be in your name (either solely or as a joint account with someone else)
  • must not require more than one signature for withdrawals 
  • can not currently be overdrawn.