Financial Wellbeing

How we help you achieve financial wellness

Financial Wellbeing

How we help you achieve financial wellness

Why is financial wellbeing so important? 

Financial wellbeing is essential for personal security, confidence and happiness. 

At Suncorp Bank, we understand our crucial role in supporting the financial health of our customers. That’s why we focus on accessible and inclusive banking solutions, financial hardship support and community resilience. 

Keeping banking accessible and inclusive

Everyone’s situation is unique, and so are their financial needs. That’s why we take steps to ensure Suncorp Bank customers can manage their finances in a way that works well for them. That goes for being able to access and use our services, products and platforms.

Providing accessible banking with


Everyday Essentials Accounts2

Everyday Essentials Account

We designed our Everyday Essentials Account to make banking accessible for everyone. Made for lower-income customers, concession and Health Care card holders, this day-to-day transaction account cannot be overdrawn for most transactions.

Support during hard times
Financial difficulty

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can result in our customers being unable to meet repayment obligations.  

By stepping them through different options available, we can help them get back on their feet.  

Problem gambling assistance

It isn’t always easy to know when gambling has become a problem. When a Suncorp Bank customer needs support, we can help with their immediate banking needs and connect them to additional support services.  

We also help our customers restrict what they spend on gambling. With the Suncorp Bank App, customers can activate an instant lock on their transaction account, which blocks purchases from most gambling services.

Keeping customers cyber-safe

Online scammers have become more sophisticated over time, and so have we. Suncorp Bank is here to help protect customers from cyber and financial crime while providing care and support for those impacted.

Accessible and inclusive banking

Our responsibility is to ensure our customers can access and use Suncorp Bank’s services, products and platforms. That's why we provide a variety of accessible and inclusive banking options, such as:

The National Relay Service (NRS) for our phone services: for those who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing or need extra support for contacting us via phone.   

Translation and Interpreting service (TIS National): providing phone and on-site interpreting services in over 150 languages, including Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and more.   

Auslan interpretation: available nationally through video conferencing with a NAATI accredited Auslan interpreter.   

Accessible ATMs and self-service machines: featuring braille signage, tactile indicators, headphone jacks and lower operational heights for wheelchair access.   

Tactile Suncorp Bank Visa Debit cards: featuring contactless payments, thumb inserts to guide orientation and instant availability to add to a digital wallet.   

Shaping resilient communities

Financial wellbeing is more than the products and services we offer. At Suncorp Bank, we like to roll up our sleeves and equip our fellow Australians with the tools they need to help them make smart choices with their money.  

Financially empowering the next generation

Since 2016, we have partnered with the Financial Basics Foundation to help build a nation of money-confident kids. By supporting initiatives like the MoneyIQ animation series and the ESSI Money Game (Earning, Spending, Saving & Investing), we’re helping kids learn how to make smarter financial decisions.

Helping save food, money and the planet

We want to empower our communities to think about the food they buy and the impact that can have on their finances and the planet. Through our partnership with food rescue organisation OzHarvest, we can help our customers learn how to waste less food and as a result, reduce the impact food waste has on the environment.

Food Savings Challenge

Discover the Food Savings Challenge by Suncorp Bank and OzHarvest. It’s designed to help Australians reduce food waste, make the most out of the food they buy and help save money at the supermarket.

Handy budgeting guides
How to budget and save money on a low income

Managing day-to-day expenses on a low income can be challenging. However, with some planning and understanding of your spending habits, you can make things easier for yourself and your family. Discover some great money-saving tips and ideas to help you get started.

How to set up a personal budget plan

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes they can be financially challenging. That’s why it’s important to have a personal budget plan in place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up a personal budget plan to help you get on top of your finances.

How to build an emergency fund

Your cash flow might not always be constant when navigating through uncertain times. Staying prepped is the best way to arm yourself against what you can’t predict. This is why it could be smart to start building an emergency fund. Here are a few tips to get you going.  

Things you should know

1 Some transactions which may cause the account to become overdrawn include fees and other transactions that occur when Suncorp Bank is processing offline. If your account becomes overdrawn and has a negative balance we will not charge overdrawn fees or interest on the Everyday Essentials or Carbon Insights account. 
2 As of 6/1/24.