Suncorp Bank Impersonation Scam

In November 2022 we alerted Suncorp Bank customers that scammers were impersonating Suncorp Bank’s fraud team.  You will see regular warnings in our SunApp and Internet Banking platforms regarding these scams and how to protect yourself. 

Suncorp Bank customers should continue to be alert to receiving messages or calls claiming to be from Suncorp Bank, asking them to transfer money or share other information like passwords.  Suncorp Bank will never ask a customer to transfer or withdraw money to keep it safe. 

The methods used by the scammers are deliberately designed to mislead you and are consistently evolving.  

Please be alert to the following tactics used by bank impersonation scammers that our Fraud and Investigation team are aware of: 

Remote access: 

Customers have been told to download applications such as AnyDesk to take control of the customer’s computers and mobile devices, supposedly for “anti scam” purposes.  Suncorp Bank will never ask you to download remote access software or to give us access to your devices – this is a scam.

Requests for passwords

Scammers have asked customers to confirm their Customer Identification Number and internet banking password.  You must never share your internet banking password with another person.  Suncorp Bank will never phone you and ask you to tell us your personal information or passwords – this is a scam.

Sharing one time passcodes:

Scammers have asked customers for one time passcodes.  You should never share your one time passcode with anyone, not even Suncorp Bank.  Doing so may enable scammers to make transactions on your accounts.  If anyone who claims to work for Suncorp Bank asks you for a one time passcode do not provide it and end the call immediately.

Changing passwords:

 Scammers have asked customers to change their internet banking password to a particular value, claiming that this is a “security upgrade” – this allows the scammer to then access the customer’s internet banking.  If your password has been compromised, change it immediately to something that you choose, that only you know and do not share it.

Verifying identify of the caller: 

Scammers have claimed to be genuine Suncorp Bank employees and asked customers to check a profile on LinkedIn to supposedly verify that they are that employee.  To confirm a call with Suncorp Bank ask for the caller’s employee number and then end the call and telephone 13 11 55.

If you think you may be the victim of a scam, support is available. Contact the Suncorp Bank team immediately on 13 11 55.