What do I do if my service provider keeps charging my credit card or debit card after stopping/cancelling a recurring payment? 

Try resolving the issue with the merchant first. This is often the quickest option.​

If you’re not able to resolve the issue with the merchant, you can dispute a Visa Debit card transaction through the Suncorp Bank App. ​

To dispute a transaction on your credit card please fill out the transaction dispute form for personal credit accounts.​

Please note, as a requirement under the Visa Scheme Rules, we will need to request supporting documentation/information.​

Please note that you should not rely on your card details changing to stop or cancel a recurring payment. If your Visa Debit card details change (e.g. if your card is reissued or replaced), Visa may send this information to merchants who you have authorised to charge recurring payments. For example, if you have authorised a recurring subscription payment for a streaming service, Visa may give your new card details to the merchant and their bank to facilitate payment continuity. This means that the subscription payment may continue to be charged without you providing the updated card details (depending on whether the merchant receives this service). If you would like to opt out of Visa sharing your updated card details with all merchants, please contact us on 13 11 75.

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