How do I update direct debits and direct credits from other banks?

You’ll need to update all your direct debit providers (such as your mobile phone company and services you’re subscribed to), and direct creditors (such as your employer) yourself.

For creditors (such as Medicare and Centrelink), you’ll need to let them know your new account details. Suncorp Bank’s BSB number is 484-799, and your account number can be found on your bank statement, within Internet Banking and the Suncorp Bank App.

For debitors, you’ll need to get in contact with them and let them know your updated account details, and possibly your new debit card details. Be sure to think about service providers that might have your card details on hand, such as PayPal and Uber.

Suncorp Bank can assist with cancelling direct debits on your behalf, however fees may apply.


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