Do I need to do anything before closing my bank account?

Before we can close your account, we may check with you if your account is in good order. This means that we may seek confirmation from you that:

  • Your account is not overdrawn
  • All your direct debits and direct credits, recurring payments, account sweeps and future-dated payments have been cancelled or moved to a different account
  • Any uncleared funds, such as Visa Debit pending transactions have been processed
  • Outstanding cheques have been presented and cleared
  • You have closed and/or unlinked any overdraft facilities, merchant facilities, term deposits, flexiRates, savings accounts or mortgage offsets from the account.
  • If the account requires two or more people to authorise the closure of the account, those appropriate individuals must be present to authorise closure.
  • You have met any other outstanding responsibilities under the terms & conditions applicable to your account before your account was closed

If you have failed to action or confirm any of the above, Suncorp Bank may ask you to deal with these first before closing your account.

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