Home buying tips

My experience buying a home using a buyer’s advocate

3 min read

Home buying tips

My experience buying a home using a buyer’s advocate

3 min read

There can be a lot to think about when buying a home, with location, auctions and a home loan among the many things you might need to consider. That’s why having as much support and expertise at your disposal right throughout the process can help. Using an experienced buyer’s advocate is one option to help you navigate the home buying process.

Natalie is a home buyer from Melbourne who had been searching for a property for a while. She sought the help of a buyer’s advocate to give her confidence in finding the right apartment and get the best deal possible. “As a business owner, time is precious. Therefore, I wanted to get an extra level of confidence and know I was looking at the right properties in the right locations,” she says. 

We sat down to chat with Natalie and find out more about her experience using a buyer’s advocate.  

SB: Why did you use a buyer’s advocate?

Natalie: Buying a home is a really big investment. I used a buyer’s advocate because I wanted someone to help me make a smart investment; utilising their expertise on what properties will appreciate in value, to maximise re-sale down the track. They made the whole process less overwhelming and stressful.

SB: How did using a buyer’s advocate help?

N: With access to on-market and off-market properties, they helped me find a property in my price range and in the area I wanted to live, inspecting a number of properties on my behalf, which cut-out houses that weren’t ‘up to scratch’ and saved me a lot of time running around.

Often a buyer’s advocate will make an offer and negotiate the sale privately to avoid going to auction. This can help snap up the property before anyone else and save the stress and unpredictability of an auction sale. In my case, the buyer’s advocate represented me on auction day.

SB: How did the buyer’s advocate help at auction?

N: With all the pressure and stress of an auction, I wanted someone to bid for me, someone who could take some of the emotion out of it and make sure I stayed under my limit, getting me the best price possible on the day. The house was actually passed-in, so the buyer’s advocate negotiated the sale with the vendor, and made sure I got the house.

SB: Is it worth using a buyer’s advocate?

N: Everybody’s situation is different, but I found it difficult to find the time to search for properties and analyse them. It’s stressful wondering if you’re getting the best possible deal. Having someone representing me in the lead up, and on the day of the auction, was really helpful.

Natalie’s 4 reasons to use a buyer’s advocate

Here are Natalie’s 4 reasons to use a buyer’s advocate and some things to consider, which can help guide you through the home buying process:

  1. To bid at auction – an auction can be a stressful experience, and it can be tough not to get emotionally invested in a property before you’ve bought it. So, having someone to bid on your behalf can help take some of the emotion out of it, make sure you stay under your limit and get the best deal possible;
  2. To inspect properties – say goodbye to your weekends when you’re on the house hunt; inspecting properties can be a very time intensive process, from searching through listings to driving around to see different properties. A buyer’s advocate can help with a lot of the leg work, helping to weed out houses that aren’t fit for purpose and make your job a lot easier;
  3. To access off-market properties – not all properties are listed online or go up for auction. A buyer’s advocate can help access these properties and negotiate privately;
  4. To utilise their expertise – buyer’s advocates are home buying experts; therefore, their experience can help you navigate the process, provide valuable insight, take the emotion out and make more informed decisions.


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Published 26 August 2023

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