Moving your banking to Suncorp Bank

Our free Account Switching tool makes it easy to move your saved payee and biller details from old bank accounts directly into Internet Banking. All you need is a Suncorp Bank everyday account.

How to use the account switching tool

step 1

Once you've opened your Suncorp Bank account, log in to Internet Banking. If you don’t currently use Internet Banking, registration is easy.

step 2

To navigate to the Account Switching tool, scroll down to the bottom of your listed bank accounts and click on ‘Import payees and billers you have stored at other banks’. 

step 3

Follow the simple directions to import your saved payees and BPAY billers. You can also download a report summarising your direct debits, credits and regular transfers. 

Things to know

The self-service tool provides a 95-day summary of all direct debits, direct credits and active regular transfers from accounts you select that you hold at other banks.

This tool does not re-establish or cancel any regular transfers or any instructions you previously had with other institutions.

If you’d like us to support you with switching regular payments on your behalf (either to or from Suncorp Bank) you can contact us.

Share your account details with your employer

Log in with your Internet Banking details to access an easy-to-use email template that pre-fills your details. 

Switching bank accounts to Suncorp Bank

If you’d prefer not to use our Account Switching tool or your old bank doesn’t offer this option, you can download, print and complete our Switching Payments Form (PDF) and bring it into your local Suncorp Bank branch .

Transitioning Your Banking Help & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by regular transfers?

The Account Switching self-service tool helps you identify regular transfers made from your old bank account, including:

  • Direct credits, such as salary, rental income, government payments and dividend payments.
  • Direct debits, such as phone bills, gym membership payments and utility bills.
  • Regular payments, such as rent, loan repayments, savings, and internal and external transfers between accounts.
  • BPAY® payments, such as rates and utility bills.

Deposit Products are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd (“Suncorp Bank”) ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL No 229882. Fees, charges terms and conditions apply and are available on request. Account Switching Self-Service Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.