Money tips

Protecting your money during a family breakdown

4 min read

Money tips

Protecting your money during a family breakdown

4 min read

Experiencing a family breakdown can be traumatic, especially if there’s a risk of violence. Any kind of abuse is unacceptable, but sadly, research conducted by Family Relationships Online suggests that ‘relationship breakdown and separation is a time of increased risk of family violence, both physical and emotional.’1

Knowing how to access the right support is key to protecting both yourself and your money.

What to do if you need immediate support

If you’re experiencing family violence, make sure you:

How Suncorp Bank can support you

Though it may be extremely difficult to share your situation with us, the sooner you’re able to let us know about it, the sooner we can help.

Regaining control of your finances

Suncorp Bank understands that family breakdown can sometimes lead to financial difficulty. We tailor our support to your individual needs, and may be able to assist with:

  • temporarily postponing or reducing the amount of loan payments
  • extending the period of loan contracts, and
  • offering short-term solutions to your banking needs, such as waiving early withdrawal fees if you need to draw on a term deposit.

Learn more about the ways Suncorp Bank can support you

For extra support, you may find it useful to speak to a financial counsellor. They’ll be able to work with you to get your finances back on track. The National Debt Helpline is a free and confidential phone service run by Financial Counsellors Australia. Call them on 1800 007 007 to contact a counsellor today.

Protecting your money

Though everyone’s situation will be different, and our support will be tailored to your individual circumstances, we can work with you to protect your money. For example, we can support you by cancelling additional credit cards, to avoid more debt being incurred, and placing a two to sign hold on a joint account so funds can’t be accessed without your consent. If this is something you need to do please be aware that we will need to notify the primary cardholder of the change if that person isn’t you.

For more information, contact our Specialist Customer Support team team on 1800 317 517 (select the third menu option) between 8am-6pm AEST, Monday to Friday, or email us at

Protecting your privacy

In any situation involving family breakdown or family violence, you need to know that your privacy is being protected. We are committed to our privacy obligations and will conduct our business to ensure the protection of your personal information, including sensitive information in line with our Privacy Policy. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to change your online banking or phone credentials.

Additionally, if you receive any information by post, we can also update your postal address to that of a nominated person. And, if you need it, we can arrange for a new debit or credit card to be ready for pick up at one of our stores.

Please note that any information you share with the Specialised Customer Support team is confidential. It cannot be accessed or shared by other employees at Suncorp Bank.

Asserting your rights

If you need legal support, most Australian states have Legal Aid services that can generally be accessed free of charge:

For a more comprehensive list of support services, visit Suncorp Bank's Financial Difficulty Hub. Remember, you can also contact Specialist Customer Support team on 1800 317 517 by selecting the third option from the menu (8am-6pm AEST, Monday to Friday) or email us at We’re here to support you.

Published 4 December 2021

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