Home improvement

Five ways to reimagine your home to create more space

3 min read

Home improvement

Five ways to reimagine your home to create more space

3 min read

You love your home, but it just doesn’t seem to suit the needs of your growing family. Here are five ways to reimagine your current space — without breaking the bank. 

There really is no place like home, but sometimes we’ve simply outgrown the space we inhabit.

Yes, that extension you’ve dreamed about would be absolutely wonderful. But in the meantime, how can you reimagine your home to better suit your needs, without spending a fortune?

These five expert ideas will help give you more room to move.

Reinvent dead space

Hallways and entryways, awkward corners and that gap beneath the stairs are just a few of the most commonly neglected spaces in the house. Finding the “void” in your home and using it to your advantage is a simple space-expanding idea. “These areas can be brilliant for extra storage, and creating a styling moment for a beautiful little zone in itself,” says interior stylist Fiona Gould. “Think slimline sideboards with great storage underneath, creative wall hooks, pretty baskets for shoe storage.” Consider a custom-built bench with storage for a beautiful new retreat under the stairs, or opt for an in-built desk paired with statement pendant light to reimagine this area as a small study nook.

Clear the floor

The more floor space your eye can see, the more spacious your home will feel. Get your television mounted to the wall and bid farewell to that bulky entertainment unit it’s been sitting on – you’d be surprised at just how much space it’s taking up. For added storage, install floating timber shelves and wall-mounted cabinetry. “In terms of furniture, consider consoles, coffee tables and sofas with legs that lift them all up off the ground to give the illusion of more space,” says Gould. That full-length mirror leaning against the wall? Hang it up!

Double duty

Make sure your furniture choices are working harder and smarter. “There's some great products on the market that serve multiple purposes,” says Gould. “Think sofa chaises with gas-lift storage or that have pull-out drawers, ottomans with hidden internal storage, and coffee tables that extend up into a desk form.” When it comes to how much one piece can do, more is always more. Once you’ve invested in some clever items, think carefully about your furniture placements. “Use key pieces to either zone off a room — like open shelving between two zones — or open up a room: for example, selecting a sofa without a chaise so the living room feels open and spacious.”

Trick the eye

Your colour palette and decor choices can make a world of difference. “It's all about maximising the natural light you have available and making your room feel open, fresh and uncluttered,” says Gould. “Light tones generally bounce more light and make a space feel big, open and fresh, so try a light colour on the walls or a light rug to really lift a room.” Cleverly positioned wall mirrors are also brilliant for bouncing more natural light and giving the illusion of more space in any zone. 

Convert the garage

One of the most effective ways you can give yourself more space is by transforming your garage or carport. Whether it’s for a second living room, a home office or guest’s sanctuary, a little TLC can go a long way in making this feel like part of the home. “A lot of garages have quite harsh floor and wall coverings so this is crucial to cover up to make a space feel warm and homely,” says Gould. Paint or plasterboard over any unsightly brick walls and unattractive ceilings, and add carpet or layered floor rugs underfoot. “Bringing in more natural light to this space can also really help, so consider skylights or converting the garage door to floor-to-ceiling bifolds for the ultimate light-filled makeover.”

Plan your budget

You may be able to wing it when it comes to smaller tweaks, but a bigger home reimagining will probably require some savvy budgeting. Suncorp Bank can help! We have a free budget planner that’ll help you get a sense of how much you can spend without breaking the bank. And you can manage your renovation budget with the Everyday Options account1. You’ll get a main account with debit card2 access for everyday purchases and can choose to add up to 9 sub-accounts3 used to split your money according to your expenses and savings goals. You can personalise your sub-accounts by naming them according to your needs, for example one for Bills, maybe one for a holiday, and of course one for the renovation.

And, if you do find that new sofa online at a budget friendly price overseas, rest easy knowing there are $0 foreign currency conversion fees on Visa Debit2 card purchases made with the Everyday Options account and no monthly account keeping fees. Less fees means more in the renovation budget for you.

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Published 8 September 2021

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