Home improvement

How to design ideal spaces to suit your family’s passions

3 min read

Home improvement

How to design ideal spaces to suit your family’s passions

3 min read

A family of movie mavens? Pizza lovers? Fitness fanatics? Here are four ideas to create rooms and outdoor spaces that will let the whole family indulge in what they love.

The family that plays together, stays together, right? But then so does the family that indulges everyone’s passions, creating the kind of warm feeling that only hanging out with people you love can bring.

So, what does your family love doing? And how can you create spaces in your home to facilitate those passions?

Here are four suggestions.

If you love… Pizza

If pizza night is popular at your house, it’s time to up your game. Take the Italian theme outdoors with a pizza oven and an inviting dining area that makes your family want to use it at every chance they get. Make the pizza oven a family DIY project, or buy one ready-made, then get everyone involved in experimenting with toppings to bring home the flavours of Italy. Plant aromatic rosemary and lavender and use planters to your advantage — a few strategically placed olive trees in pots can bring a touch of Tuscany to your al fresco area and separate it from the rest of the backyard. Lanterns and strings of softly lit festoon lights give the area a sense of atmosphere when the sun goes down.

If you love…Movies

What movie buff wouldn’t love a screening room in their house, à la classic Hollywood? Realistically, few of us have the space to dedicate a roomto movie watching, but with a little imagination, other areas of the home can easily be transformed into a cinema-quality space to snuggle up and watch a film or two. Could a home office, guest room or bedroom be made super-cosy for movie nights? It could be as simple as dragging in a few beanbags and oversized cushions, and moving the odd piece of furniture out of the way. Home projector screens are relatively inexpensive (and easy to store) but would add hugely to the cinema ambience. Turn the lights low, and make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand. Popcorn is a must!

If you love… Exercise

We all know how good exercise is for us, but did you know that working out as a family also has benefits? Research shows that families who keep fit together see improvements in their attachment, social development and emotional management skills. What better reason to create a backyard fitness course that all the family can enjoy. Be inspired by a circuit-style course, using common household objects as your “stations” — a dining chair for leg squats, a bike pump to work your triceps, a bottle of laundry detergent (with a handle) as a kettle bell, cans as hand weights. Give everyone in the family a chance to design the circuit to keep them interested and motivated.

If you love… Games

Unleashing your family’s competitive spirit can be a bonding experience, so why not create places at home to go head to head? If board games are your family’s thing, a coffee table that opens to reveal favourites old and new can encourage impromptu games, but there are a host of other options. Consider a ping-pong table that can be set up in a snap for tournaments, or an old-school dartboard in the garage. Technology can be your friend, too. Gather in front of the big screen for a dance-off or karaoke challenge.

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Published 8 September 2023

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