Home buying tips

5 things to put on your home inspection checklist

3 min read

Home buying tips

5 things to put on your home inspection checklist

3 min read

House hunting is a little like speed dating. Your first impression could be bang on, or you maybe gradually realise you missed the mark. To avoid a money pit that needs loads of repairs, here are five things to put on your house inspection checklist before buying.

Why you should have a moving-in checklist

You may have fallen in love with a property, but there could be hidden damage that’ll cost you an arm and a leg to fix. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and bring your new house checklist with you.

1. Future-proof features

To avoid buyer’s remorse, look at things that could cause headaches in the future. Consider things like the:

  • Size. Is it too big or too small for what you need, both today and in the future? This is especially important if you plan on having kids.
  • Location. Is the property well connected to public transport, schools, restaurants and so on?
  • Neighbourhood. Have you thoroughly explored the neighbourhood at different times of the day to see if it’s the right one for you?
  • Traffic. Are you a light sleeper? Or do you sleep like a log? Check out the local traffic at various hours to assess whether it’ll cause you to lose any sleep.

2. Structural soundness

Nothing blows your house repair budget quicker than structural building issues. As well as potentially costing you thousands of dollars, structural faults can pose a major safety risk.

Keep an eye out for any rising damp or saggy walls, cracks in the wall or faulty roofing. If you’re unsure what to look for or just want a professional opinion, get a building inspector to suss everything out for you.

3. Water damage

Water damage, like mould or drainage issues, could be hiding in plain sight within the house. Thoroughly examine any cupboards for mould, damp smells or mildew. You’ll also want to check the roof downpipes and any other draining that could cause damage if it’s not in tip-top condition.

4. Pests as uninvited guests

You may be the one paying the mortgage, but could there be some freeloading creepy crawlies in your walls? Insects are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Anything from termites to wood ants, cockroaches to spiders can damage your home from the inside out – and cost an absolute fortune to exterminate.

5. Appliances

If the home you’re considering buying comes with appliances, check the condition they’re in. Appliances aren’t cheap, so replacing them if they’re faulty could be a massive expense.

Be sure to check everything, including the:

  • oven
  • air conditioner and heating system
  • hot water system
  • alarm system
  • ceiling fans
  • electric garage doors, and
  • any other built-in appliances.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Remember that professional building inspectors can help make this process much easier, as they know exactly what to look for.

Having a house inspection checklist can help you feel more at ease, knowing that your new home won’t need extensive home repairs from the get-go. And after that comes the fun stuff – exploring your home loan options and, sooner or later, moving into your dream home!

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Published 29 April 2022

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