PayTo – a new way to manage payments from an eligible bank account*

With PayTo, you’ll have more control over recurring bills, like subscriptions and memberships. This simple and secure new service is operated by New Payments Platform (NPP) Australia.

With PayTo and the Suncorp Bank App, you’ll be able to:

Authorise one-off and recurring PayTo payments from your eligible bank account* to participating merchants.

Pause, resume or cancel recurring PayTo payment agreements in near real time.

View and manage all your active PayTo agreements in the one place.

How PayTo works

Choose to link your PayID or BSB and account number

Let’s say you start a new gym membership. If the gym uses PayTo, they’ll ask for your eligible bank account number and BSB, or your PayID if you have one.

Receive and authorise your PayTo agreement

The gym (known as the ‘payee’) will generate a ‘PayTo agreement’ authorisation request via their financial institution. You’ll then receive a notification from us about this request via SMS and in the Suncorp Bank App.

In the Suncorp Bank App you’ll be asked  to authorise the PayTo agreement which will include the payment terms between you and the payee. 

Once you’ve reviewed the PayTo agreement, you can authorise or decline it in near real time. If you authorise the agreement, it will be stored securely within the Suncorp Bank App for as long as it’s active.

In the Suncorp Bank App, you can also:

  • easily change the account linked to your PayTo agreements to a different eligible account or PayID
  • see when payments are due under your PayTo agreements at any time, so you can be sure you have enough funds in your account.
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Things you should know

*PayTo is not available on accounts which require 2 or more persons to sign to withdraw from the account, Passbook accounts, loan accounts (other than PayTo eligible line of credit and overdraft facilities), Farm Management Deposit Accounts, PayLater accounts, Fixed Term Deposits, Kids Savings Accounts, Agent’s Statutory Trust Accounts (Qld, NSW) and Solicitor’s Trust Accounts (Qld). To authorise or view the details of a PayTo Agreement you must have the Suncorp Bank App. PayTo is not available via other access methods such as Internet Banking.