Rather than inserting or swiping your card, payWave lets you ‘tap and go’ without needing to enter a PIN for purchases up to $100. Simply look for the payWave symbol on the EFTPOS machine, and hold your card on the front or rear side of the reader for half a second.

For purchases over $100, you can still tap, however you’ll need to enter your PIN. You can’t get cash out with payWave, but you can use your card at an ATM or EFTPOS machine as you usually would.

Each Visa payWave card has a chip on the front, which safely transmits your payment via multiple layers of protection that keep your card secure. Visa payWave terminals can only make one transaction per card, at a time. However, in the unlikely event that you’ve been double-charged for your purchase, this could be because of a glitch with the merchant, not the card or terminal itself.

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