If you’ve misplaced your Visa Debit card, you can put a temporary lock on it. This means that no transactions can be made from the card, including recurring payments that you’ve set up. Direct debits set up from your account number, however, will still be processed. You can also still use the account linked to your card via Internet Banking.

You can lock and unlock your Visa Debit card via the Suncorp Bank App using the following steps:

  1. Log into the App, tap on the ‘Cards’ icon in the menu bar and select the Visa Debit card you’d like to lock/unlock.
  2. Toggle on ‘Temporarily Lock My Card’ and confirm. To unlock your card, toggle off ‘Card Temporarily Locked’.

You can only lock a card in your own name. For example, if your card is linked to a joint account, you won’t be able to manage the other party’s card. 

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