When you make a Suncorp Bank PayLater purchase, we’ll split it into four equal, fortnightly payments. 

The first payment happens automatically at the time of your purchase with three more automatic payments every two weeks over a six-week period. 

If the purchase amount doesn’t split exactly four ways, we’ll divide it so the first three payments are the same, and the final payment is slightly less (usually only $0.01 less).

Here’s a simple guide to how the four payments work:

1st payment

25% of purchase price

Payable at the time of purchase

2nd payment

25% of purchase price

Payable 2 weeks after purchase

3rd payment

25% of purchase price

Payable 4 weeks after purchase

4th and final payment

Balance owing

Payable 6 weeks after purchase

All of the payments will be processed automatically from your linked Everyday Options Account. You just need to be sure there’s enough money in your account to cover each payment when it falls due.

Learn more about Suncorp Bank PayLater late fees.

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