If you decide to return a Suncorp Bank PayLater purchase for a refund (with or without scheduled payments still owing), the merchant will swipe or tap your PayLater Visa Debit Card to issue a refund. Online merchants will use your PayLater Card number (for an online purchase) to issue refunds.

Any refunds for your PayLater purchases will automatically be credited to your linked Everyday Options Account.

Future payments on refunded purchases will continue to be deducted from your linked Everyday Options Account regardless of the amount refunded.

If you want to pay out any purchase early, you can do this in the Suncorp Bank App. Otherwise all reminders and payment schedules will remain in place and a late fee may be applicable if there are insufficient funds in your linked Everyday Options Account when a payment is due. Learn more about Suncorp Bank PayLater late fees.

If you receive a refund for an international purchase, the exchange rate that is used to calculate your Australian dollar refund amount may not be the same exchange rate as that used for the purchase. This means that you may not receive the same amount in Australian dollars that you were originally charged.

If your refund amount is less or more than your original purchase amount, this won’t change the amount due in your PayLater payment schedule.

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