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Discover how much you could be earning from your savings

Could you be putting your savings to better use? With our online calculators, you can see how much potential interest you could earn on a savings account or term deposit. You can vary factors such as the type of account you have, the length of time you’ll be saving for, potential extra deposits you might make, and more to discover your best potential pathway towards achieving your savings goals.

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Boost your savings with flexiRates

Earn higher interest by setting aside a portion of your savings for up to 12 months.

flexiRates can easily be set up and managed in the Suncorp Bank App and Internet Banking.

Higher interest rates for up to 12 months with flexirates

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Fixed Term Deposits and Deposit Products are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd (“Suncorp Bank”) ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL No 229882. Please read the relevant Product Information Document and Terms & Conditions before opening an account. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply and are available on request.

Minimum deposits and withdrawals may apply.