Property investing

The latest and greatest housing and home renovation trends

3 min read

Property investing

The latest and greatest housing and home renovation trends

3 min read

Whatever the scale of your renovations, it’s worth looking at current trends in the renovation and housing industry for ideas on how you could approach your project. Think tiny houses, shipping container homes and technology-free nooks in the home.

Take a look at what is trending in the home renovation and housing space right now. You might just find some nifty ideas for your next renovation.

All about escaping

With working hours continuing to increase and our attention constantly being grabbed by media, advertising and entertainment, it’s no surprise that people are seeking out quiet nooks and spaces in the house to escape to. The concept of a technology-free Zen zone is starting to creep its way into many renovation plans, offering a designated place to relax and unwind.

For you, this may mean designing your bedroom as a place of sanctuary, or building on an extra living room as a place to get away from the computer and TV. It doesn’t even need to be a complete room. That unused space under the stairs could be a cosy reader’s hideaway waiting to happen.

The tech home

If creating space to escape technology isn’t for you, you also have the option of immersing yourself in it. While not necessarily a renovation trend, the rise in smart homes is testament to the fact that people are adopting new styles of living, assisted by technology.

Several companies have launched home voice assistant technologies recently, and people all over the world are already building this technology into their everyday routines. Voice-activated assistants can do everything from tell you whether to expect rain, to read out your calendar events, or switch on Netflix when you can’t be bothered getting up from the couch. It can even learn to recognise different voices, and can remember your individual preferences for a seamless multi-user experience.

We’re not far away from being able to utter, ‘turn the oven on to 180 degrees’, and having a machine do it for us. If your home redesign is going to embrace technology, consider leaving some room in your renovation budget for gadgets to help you live a more connected life.

Living little

With Australia in the midst of a ‘housing affordability crisis’, many people are having to find creative solutions to home ownership. Living in little spaces, while not a new concept, is earning its place as a popular current housing and renovation trend.

The aptly named “Tiny House Movement” has grown out of a need for more affordable housing options. Tiny houses have been used in the United States to provide cheap housing for the homeless, as well as for housing solutions following natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The movement is growing in popularity among people across the globe as a legitimate way to construct smaller, more economical and environmentally friendly homes to live in.

Sometimes these tiny dwellings are portable – a good option in Australia to get around restrictions in home size requirements. Tiny homes can even be hooked up to electricity and plumbing, and can feature all the mod-cons – in miniature form – if an “off-the-grid” lifestyle is not for you. Architects are embracing the trend and developing beautiful tiny homes with proper housing materials, so you don’t have to forfeit aesthetics or a homely feel to live in a tiny house.

Building little homes or flats can be a great way to downsize and live simpler, or add extra living space to an existing property. Even the humble granny flat is seeing a rise in popularity, with many people building flats on their available property to house young adult children, paying travellers or, of course, grannies.

Shipping container homes

It’s amazing what creative housing solutions can come out of natural disasters. Take, for example, the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake which destroyed thousands of homes in New Zealand. This is largely what spurred the shipping container homes trend, with many businesses starting up again in converted shipping containers.  

This disaster-induced quick-fix has become a legitimate housing option in New Zealand and other countries across the world, with architects even adopting the trend to build their own masterpieces. While there are building regulations to work around with shipping container home construction on regular Australian properties, it goes to show how successful ‘thinking outside the box’ can be when it comes to renovation and building.

Sometimes renovating can be as simple as a quick cosmetic refresh. For example, you may spruce up your home with a coat of paint, some new blinds or fresh bathroom fixtures. Other times, it may be a bit more detailed, such as replacing carpet, remodelling the kitchen or adding an extension. Your renovation could even involve a complete demolition and rebuild.

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Published 5 October 2022

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