Money tips

Money saving tips for summer


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Money tips

Money saving tips for summer


4 min read

Summer is just over the horizon—we can almost see the beach trips and barbies. With changing seasons comes changing spending habits, and summer can get pricey. But the good news is, there are ways to save money.

Hang your clothes outside

Take a note from your nan and hang the laundry out to dry. Make use of the hot weather and turn the outside world into your own free dryer. You’ll trim your electricity bill and have a basket of fresh smelling clothes!

Use less AC

We know what you’re thinking—it’s summer, it’s hot, you have social gatherings where sweat stains aren’t allowed. Staying cool is important, but there are ways to achieve that without burning through your earnings.

Tweak your home environment

With small tweaks, your house can become a cool den of energy efficiency. By shutting the blinds when it’s sunny you could stop up to 87% of outside heat from entering your home. Keep the cool air in by closing internal doors so your aircon has a smaller surface area to regulate. Fill any holes in the walls to prevent further air leakage. Change your AC filters if they’re old—sometimes faulty filters use more power by cooling less effectively.

Control your body’s ‘thermostat’

Another way to lower your AC costs is to think of your body’s ‘natural thermostat’. You may not be able to flip a switch, but it’s still possible to adjust your core temperature.

Cool drinks, wet wash cloths, and cold showers will save you from the heat. You could even stick your legs in a bucket of cold water, then sit back and watch TV. And when it’s bedtime, wrap yourself in a cool wet sheet. Having it hang damp over you is a great sleep hack for those boiling summer nights. By taking control of your body temperature, you can take control of your aircon bill!

DIY AC alternatives

You can create your own DIY aircon without a physics degree. Your amateur technician’s toolkit should include: a table fan and a bowl of ice. Place the bowl in front of the fan, so you get a nice cool breeze as the ice melts.

Hanging a cold wet cloth in front of an open window also helps convert warm humid wind into cool refreshing air before it enters your home.

Enjoy the great outdoors

The warm weather won’t last, so make use of it. Go outside and lower your electricity bill!

Exercise outdoors

Turn your local sidewalk into your own treadmill. Who needs a gym membership when you have balmy days and the great outdoors? Summer is one of the only times you can enjoy nature without a coat and cold fingers. If you dislike the heat, exercise in the early mornings to avoid it.

Save fuel money by cycling to your office. Remember to pack a water bottle so you can do your part for the environment (and your wallet)!

Make use of free entertainment

The convenient thing about summer is that there are so many things on! Go for a hike or check out free festivals in your area. Look through local websites to find interesting events, or put together your own with a picnic basket and imagination. The more opportunities to get out of the house, the less you’ll spend on keeping it cool. And if the heat gets too much, head to museums or galleries to make use of aircon you don’t have to pay for.

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Published 30 October 2022

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