Splitting my home loan

To 'split' your loan means that you can choose to divide your borrowings anyway you want, securing a portion of your choosing as 'fixed' and a portion as 'variable'.

This can give you the benefits of the features on both home loan products.

Fixed Rate: Gives you the security of limiting your exposure to rate rises, and what interest rate your repayments are set at during the Fixed Rate term.

Variable Rate: Gives you access to unlimited additional repayments while also giving you the flexibility to withdraw these funds using cashback,1 and the option of a 100% Offset capability.2

The loans can be split anyway, as long as one loan has a minimum amount of $10,000. Split the loan any way you like, 75% fixed, 25% variable or 40% fixed, 60% variable - the choice is yours.

This feature is available on all Suncorp Bank Home Loans and can be split at no additional cost under the Home Package Plus.

Please note that current Fixed Rate Home Loan customers who choose to split their loan may result in an Early Payment Interest Adjustment (EPIA).3

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1. You need to apply for Cashback, which may be available subject to conditions specified in the contract. Please read these conditions carefully. Available Cashback may exclude any recent cheque, direct debit or pay at post payments and external transfers cannot be performed using online Cashback. Fixed Rate home loans are excluded from Cashback.

2. A Mortgage Offset facility can be established by linking your Everyday Options account to the Standard Variable home loan account and having it in offset mode, a Mortgage Offset Fee may apply to link the 100% Home Loan Offset facility to your home loan, which is waivered under the Home Package Plus. The Mortgage Offset fee is charged to your linked loan account.

3. For Fixed Rate Home Loans, an Early Payment Interest Adjustment (EPIA) applies if more than the prepayment allowance (currently $500 per month) is paid in excess of the agreed monthly repayment. The EPIA also applies if the loan is repaid in full or the agreed fixed rate period is broken for any reason. EPIA applies to the whole amount prepaid. Find out more in our EPIA fact sheet (PDF, 182KB).

Banking products are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL No 229882 Australian Credit Licence 229882 (“Suncorp Bank”) to approved applicants only. Please read the relevant Lending Fees and Charges and the Home Package Plus terms and conditions before making a decision regarding any Suncorp Bank products. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply and are available on request or on our Product Information Documents and Forms page.