Selling your property

If you're starting to plan for how to sell your house, there are plenty of considerations and questions to ask: Are you thinking of renovating to add value to your home? Do you need help moving to your new home? We can make selling your home easier by arming you with information, tools, and services to guide you through the process

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Preparing to sell

Getting your home ready to sell can be an overwhelming process, with home improvements, removalists, and real estate agents all things you need to consider. We have a range of tools and resources on offer to make the process of selling your home as simple as possible.

1. Get a sale contract prepared

Before you sell your home, have you obtained legal advice? A Solicitor or Conveyancer will make sure all legal processes are followed and explain the contract to you.

2. Repairs & renovations

Make sure your house is in the best shape for when potential buyers inspect the property, to ensure you achieve a smooth transition and the best sale price possible.


3. Finding your new home

You might be selling your home before you buy a new one, or buying before you sell. Either way it's best to talk to one of our home loan specialists to understand what you can afford so you can be confident making an offer on the property you want.

They can also help ensure you're aware of all the costs when selling and buying and working through the best way to structure and manage your mortgage.

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