What type of transactions will Suncorp Bank provide carbon estimates on?

You will be able to view estimates of the carbon emissions for certain transactions made with your Carbon Insights Account via the Suncorp Bank App. This includes:

  • Purchases made with your Debit card based on spend value and industry type.
  • Direct Debits payments paid to Direct Debit users to pay for services provided to you.
  • ATM Withdrawals where cash is withdrawn from your Account using your Debit Card.
  • BPAY® payments made from your account.

The carbon emissions data provided is an estimate only and calculated using data provided by Cogo (a third-party provider) relating to industry averages of carbon emissions per dollar spent for different merchant types (Industry Data). Calculations are based on averages only and are not specific to each item purchased at individual merchants and do not reflect individual merchant’s sustainability practices. This is because we can only see your whole transaction amount and not the items you have purchased.

Not all transactions will display a carbon emission value. We will only provide carbon emission estimates on the transactions outlined above on the condition that sufficient information is available to calculate the estimates. Transfers out of your account made via the Suncorp Bank App or Internet Banking or credits into your account will not display a carbon emission value.

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