Financial Basics Foundation

Creating a budget, securing an income, managing expenses and being smart with credit and investments – these are the building blocks of a healthy financial future.

Financial Basics Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision that all young Australians are financially capable and can manage their finances now and into the future. The Financial Basics Foundation works with educators, students, finance professionals, creative and online e-learning experts from around Australia to develop, produce and distribute financial literacy teaching resources free of charge to Australian secondary schools.

As part of our commitment to supporting young people and their financial literacy, Suncorp is proud to partner with Financial Basics Foundation since 2016. Together, we want to build a nation of money-confident kids.

Financial Basics Foundation has developed an online game called ESSI Money (Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing) which is available to all Australian high schools. The game guides you through a range of virtual financial transactions to highlight the importance of making sound financial decisions and provides a practical tool for families to play together to foster learning about money management and encourage conversations around financial literacy.

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Fact sheets

Check out our series of fact sheets to accompany the game. Use these to learn about some of the key areas of personal finance.

To learn more about Financial Basics Foundation or to register your class for ESSI Money visit: