Personal Identification Requirements

You can verify your identity online, at a branch or at a participating Australia Post outlet.


Verify your identity online

If you have recently opened a personal bank account online but haven’t yet verified your identity, you can easily do so by logging in with your Suncorp customer ID and password. You will need your drivers licence, Australian Passport or a Medicare card. Our verification system securely checks the details you have entered against external agencies to confirm your identity and complete the account opening process.

If you are unable to verify your identity online, we also offer ID verification through any of our Suncorp branches or participating Australia Post outlets.

Verify online now

Verify your Identity in a branch

You can confirm your identity by providing the following document types:

Those over 18 years old:

Your Australian Driver’s Licence, Australian Passport or Foreign Passport with valid Australian Visa OR

At least One (1) Item from Part B + One (1) Item from Part C + One (1) item from Part D (see below for all)

Those under 18 years old:

One (1) Item from Part A (see below) OR

One (1) Item from Part B + One (1) Item from Part E (see below for all)

Please note: Your Full Name, Address and Date of Birth where shown on any identification documents, must be in English.

Document guidelines when verifying in a branch

  • Original documents must be presented, photocopies will not be accepted unless it has been certified
  • Unless otherwise indicated, only current ('in date') identification is acceptable
  • If you're unable to present your identification in-person at a Suncorp branch or Australia Post outlet, you can mail us Certified Copies of your identification documents
  • Suncorp observes the right to request additional identification to satisfy the opening of an account

What is a 'Certified Copy'?

A certified copy is a document that has been approved as a true copy of an original document.

How do I have a document certified?

Personal identification document types:

Your account will be closed automatically if you don’t verify your identity within 60 days of opening your account.