Statutory Trust Accounts

Accounts for custodians who are legally required to hold money for clients.

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What is a statutory trust account?

Statutory trust accounts are for specific groups or organisations that need to hold money for clients.  As the requirements for how these trust accounts operate differs depending on your type of business, we have 2 options available: Solicitor’s Trust Accounts and Agent’s Statutory Trust Accounts.

The Agent’s Statutory Trust is specialised account for licensed agents to hold deposits on behalf of their clients, in a legally compliant account.

The Agent’s Statutory Trust Account is available to the following industry professionals:

  • In Queensland - Real Estate Agents, Auctioneers, Motor Dealers, Resident Letting Agents and debt collectors

Key features

  • Access your account anytime using Internet Banking, Bpay or the Branch
  • Unlimited Fee Free Electronic, Staff Assisted Transactions and Cheque Deposit Transactions
  • Monthly Statements



Account-keeping fee

Branch deposits


External Payments (including Direct Debit, Immediate External Payments and BPay)

Direct Credits


No Fee





Product information document

For more information about our Trust Accounts, please read the Product Information Document

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