Stay alert: Scammers posing as members of Suncorp Bank's Fraud team

3 min read

Suncorp Bank customers are encouraged to be alert to receiving messages claiming to be from our fraud team.

This SMS scam starts by receiving a message from a sender named ‘Suncorp Bank’.

Scammers are then calling customers pretending to be a member of the Suncorp Bank fraud team, telling customers they are a victim of fraud and that to protect their money, they need to send it to another bank account.

Wording may slightly vary, however, should you receive a request like this or to send money to another bank account, do not engage in this conversation.

Do not send money anywhere under instruction and hang up immediately.

Reminder - If you have received an email, SMS or other request that you have identified as potentially fraudulent or a scam account, please send this through to us, before deleting it from your inbox and deleted items on your device.

Forward a copy to  

Published 2 November 2022