Suncorp Bank’s Everyday Options Account earns two highly commended spots at the 2024 Finder Awards

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The Finder Awards recognise the best brands and products in finance and insurance every year. In 2024, Suncorp Bank's Everyday Options Account finished highly commended in not one but two categories of the banking awards.

Out of hundreds of bank accounts, Finder only awards a single winner per category and only two products are named highly commended for any category. 

The Everyday Options Account was highly commended in the Best Transaction Account and Best Travel Debit Card categories.

Executive General Manager Everyday Banking, Nicholas Fernando, said “Suncorp Bank is proud to receive a highly commended in the Best Transaction Account and Best Travel Debit Card categories for the Everyday Options Account. This is a testament to the Everyday Banking team’s hard work to ensure our customers have a feel good banking experience.

The Finder Awards judge the quality of financial products using a data-driven approach, involving scoring the products in Finder's database by looking at the interest rates, fees and account conditions. 

Rather than looking at products at a single moment in time, the Finder Awards examine data across a 12-month period. This ensures that winning bank accounts are consistently high-quality products.

The Everyday Options Account was highly commended in the Best Transaction Account based on these criteria:

  • Interest rate: the higher the better.
  • Fees: the lower the better.
  • Whether a cashback is included.

Finder only considered accounts that have no monthly fees, no local ATM fees and no international transaction fees.

The Everyday Options Account offers a Visa Debit card, which also finished highly commended in the Best Travel Debit Card category. 

Cards in this category received scores based on the account fees, the base rate, foreign transaction fees, overseas ATM withdrawal fees and currency options.

Based on this awards methodology, Suncorp Bank's Everyday Options Account stood out from the pack as one of the best transaction accounts and travel debit cards on the market.

Mr Fernando said, “Suncorp Bank is committed to providing high-quality products to our customers, and the Everyday Options Account is one way we achieve this.”



About the author: Richard Whitten is a money editor at Finder, and has been covering home loans, credit cards and personal finance for the last seven years. He has written for Yahoo Finance, Money Magazine and Homely, and has appeared on television and radio programs nationwide to talk about loans and money-saving tips. Richard enjoys helping people understand the ins and outs of their finances so they can make smarter money decisions.