Equipment Finance

Finance options for the purchase of vehicles or equipment for your business

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Why choose Equipment Finance?

Our Equipment Finance options help you purchase or upgrade vehicles and equipment without drawing on your working capital. We offer both Finance Leases and Chattel Mortgages, each with potential tax saving benefits and flexible payment options to match your cash flow.

Choose between a Finance Lease and a Chattel Mortgage:

Finance Lease

Chattel Mortgage

How it works

Suncorp Bank purchases the vehicle or equipment and you enjoy the use of the goods for an agreed time in return for rental repayments.

You have full immediate ownership of the vehicle or equipment with Suncorp Bank holding a charge over the goods until the final payment is made.

Amount financed

Suncorp Bank finances 100%, so no capital outlay or ownership obligation is required. Minimum facility amount of $20,000 applies.

Choose between paying a deposit to reduce the overall debt or ask us to finance 100% of the purchase price. Minimum facility amount of $20,000 applies.

Flexible terms

1-5 years

1-5 years

Flexible repayment options

Tailor the repayments to suit seasonal cash flow. A lump sum payment known as the residual will be payable at the end of the Lease. This is based on the value of the equipment at the end of the lease per Australian Taxation Office guidelines.

Tailor the repayments to suit seasonal cash flow. You can choose an optional lump sum payment, known as a balloon payment, at the end of the term.  This helps to reduce repayment amounts during the loan.

Tax benefits

Repayments are generally tax deductible and you may even be able to claim an input tax credit.

Interest and depreciation may be claimable.


GST is payable on each repayment. You may be able to claim the GST paid via Input Tax Credits monthly, quarterly or annually.

We can fund the GST on the purchase price.  There’s no GST on the repayments.

We also offer luxury car leases for vehicles above the ATO threshold and novated leases for employee salary packaging.  

Key features

  • Maximise your business cash flow by freeing up your working capital
  • Flexible terms – choose from 1 to 5 years
  • Flexible repayment options to suit your cash flow – choose from monthly, half-yearly, yearly, seasonally, either in advance or arrears
  • Tax effective solutions – you may be able to claim interest, rental payments, and depreciation
  • Purchase new or used equipment within age parameters

Equipment Finance Calculator

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