Business Banking Hub

Welcome to business banking with a personal touch. At Suncorp Bank, we give you access to a dedicated point of contact who can help you achieve your business goals with smart, simple banking tools. Check out our latest business banking interest rates

Business Bank Account Options

Business Bank Accounts

Accounts that give you simple and easy access to your money.

Agribusiness Banking

We have a long and proud history of helping Australian farmers reach their business goals.

EFTPOS & Online Payment Options

Make yourself available to more customers, offering them more ways to pay your business.

Business Credit Cards

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with a credit card for your business.


The benefits of separating business and personal bank accounts.

How to make your cash flow work for you, particularly when dealing with foreign currency trade. 

What it is, and its mounting importance to the world of online banking institutions. 

Business Lending Options

Business Loans

Expand and grow your business through our range of short and long term lending options.

Cash Flow Solutions

Free up extra cash for your business with our range of cash flow solutions.

Business Car and Equipment Finance

Gain access to equipment for your business without the expensive outlay.

Management Rights

Specialist lending and transactional banking for the Management Rights industry.


A lengthy look at the pains and pitfalls of getting your invoices paid on time.

Jen shares with us something of her experiences in the world of small business

A look at the changes coming to the way you make card purchases, and the looming disappearance of signatures. 

Specialist Business Services

International Trade Finance

Flexible facilities that make a world of difference


Foreign currency products and wholesale funding.

Business Superannuation

Assist your employees' futures.


How to perform uselful, in-depth research on your competitors' business. 

Using email marketing for your small business to communicate with customers.

Planning for the inevitable bumps and hurdles can really help you save more, and stress less in the long run. 

Other Options

Business Interest Rates

Find out about our current Business Interest Rates

Bank Guarantees

Secure your contractual obligations when dealing with business partners.

Are you experiencing Financial Difficulty?

Learn how we can help you with your financial obligations to us.

Business Loan Calculators and Tools

A host of business loan calculators and tools to help you manage your business.