flexiRates allow you to save a portion of your funds at a guaranteed rate.

Unique to Suncorp Bank customers, a flexiRate locks in an amount, and term of your choosing to save and earn a higher rate of interest, similar to how you would with a term deposit.

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Setting up and managing your flexiRate is simple, and can be done within Internet Banking or on the Suncorp Bank App. You just need to have a compatible savings account (see Getting Started) to take advantage of this great feature which offers:

  • No minimum balance to use, and has a $1M limit per flexiRate.
  • You can add up to 15 flexiRates to the one account.
  • You can choose a period of 1 month or up to a year. flexiRates also give you the easy option to 'renew' at the end of your term.
  • Any flexiRate information will appear on your normal account statement.


Getting Started

Firstly, check you have a compatible savings account and log in to Suncorp Bank Internet Banking or the Suncorp Bank Mobile App. Compatible savings accounts include: 


No compatible account? If you're an existing customer, save time and apply directly via your Internet Banking. If you’re not currently a Suncorp Bank customer and would like to set up a flexiRate, you can apply for an account online.


Set up flexiRates on the Suncorp Bank App in 3 easy steps: 

1. Select ‘flexiRates’ from the menu
2. Tap on 'Set up new flexiRate'
3. Select the flexiRate options that best suits you


Set up flexiRates in Internet Banking in 3 easy steps:

1. Select ‘Manage my flexiRates’ in the main menu on the left side
2. Click on 'Set up new flexiRate'
3. Choose your account, the amount and the term that best suits you


Need help? Check out our how-to video or see our Frequently Asked Questions:

Rates and Fees


Interest TypeAnnual Interest Rate
3 months2.50% p.a.
6 months (Special)2.65% p.a.
12 months2.45% p.a.

Interest Rates are Effective 14 September 2016.
Alternatively, you can choose your own end date, just log onto Internet Banking for today's rates.

Things you should know:

  • The interest you earn using flexiRates is calculated daily, and paid-out at the end of your selected flexiRate term.
  • Though interest rates change with the market, once you've locked in a flexiRate term, it will stay fixed until its conclusion.


There is no account keeping or transaction fees payable on your flexiRate.

Ending a flexiRate early

Should we allow an early release of a flexiRate, an interest adjustment will apply. The interest adjustment is made according to the proportion of the term completed as outlined in the table below. This does not impact on your original flexiRate balance it simply reduces the amount of interest you will receive.

Proportion of Your flexiRate Period CompletedInterest Adjustment
0% - 25%80% of the interest earned up to the early release date
26% - 50%60% of the interest earned up to the early release date
51% - 75%40% of the interest earned up to the early release date
76% - 100%20% of the interest earned up to the early release date

#Fees may apply for other services.


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