Clone of Personal Transaction Accounts

Need a new bank account? Our how-to guide can help you with things like choosing the right account, using your money overseas, and switching to Suncorp Bank.
Everyday Basics Account

This one's for spending. For drawing out cash. For paying bills. All the normal, everyday stuff.

Everyday Options Account

For the seamless integration of your spending with your saving, Everyday Options is the account that has everything you need.

55 Plus Account

An account exclusively for those 55, and over. (Or if you're opening a joint account with someone who is.)

A transaction account for low income customers and holders of concession and health care cards.

 Compare Accounts

Compare all of our Transaction and Savings Accounts

Visa Debit Cards

Access your money in more places with a Visa Debit Card that's automatically linked to your Everyday Basics, Everyday Options, Cash Management, or 55 Plus transaction accounts

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How to Apply

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Switch to Suncorp Bank

Changing to a better bank has never been easier. In just three simple steps, you could make the switch today.


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