Business Overdraft (Secured)

An overdraft amount that’s secured by your assets, and attached to your Business Everyday or Business Premium bank account.

Plus with Suncorp Bank, you’ll enjoy no set monthly repayment, and interest that’s calculated daily and only on the outstanding balance

Secured Business Overdraft
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Minimum amount: $10,000


Interest Rate

Interest is calculated using Suncorp’s Small Business Overdraft Reference Rate or Suncorp's 30 Day Bank Bill Rate or Suncorp's Premier Business Overdraft Rate; plus a customer margin. Interest is charged to the account monthly.


Repayment Options

No set principal repayment amount.



No fixed term. However, Suncorp can withdraw or reduce the overdraft limit or ask for repayment in full at any time.



Many forms of security may be accepted including residential, commercial or rural property, business assets or a combination of these.



Access available in branch or via Cheque, Card and Internet Banking


Small Business New Lending Rates*

Loan TypeRate p.a. - Residential Security
Business Essentials Variable Rate Term Loan4.99% p.a.
1 Year Fixed4.60% p.a.
2 Year Fixed4.70% p.a.
3 Year Fixed4.90% p.a.
4 Year Fixed5.20% p.a.
5 Year Fixed5.45% p.a.
1 Year Fixed Interest In Advance4.45% p.a.
2 Year Fixed Interest In Advance4.55% p.a.
3 Year Fixed Interest In Advance4.75% p.a.
Small Business Overdraft6.90% p.a.
Small Business Line of Credit5.60% p.a.

*Interest rates effective 24 August 2016. Standard Rates above apply to loans up to $1,000,000 when satisfactory residential security is provided (except for the Small Business Unsecured Overdraft where no security is required). Add 0.50% for commercial security. An additional margin or discount may apply depending on your circumstances. Ask us for details. The Fixed Rate offered on the day of settlement of the loan will apply unless the rate is secured by paying a Guaranteed Rate Fee. EPIA Fee is charged if:- (i) the loan is paid out within a fixed rate period, (ii) monthly repayment exceeds the agreed maximum monthly repayment amount or (iii) the fixed rate period is varied or broken.


Establishment Fees

Fee varies with each application


Quarterly Maintenance Fee

Fee varies depending on approved limit.


Other Fees

Other fees and charges apply. Please click on the relevant link below for lending fees and charges  applicable to your circumstance:


You can also contact your Business Banking Manager on 13 11 75 for more information.