Self Managed Super Fund Loans

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) loan is a Business Term Loan designed to assist SMSF Trustees invest in property.

As SMSFs are highly regulated investments and require specific trust structures, it is important to see independant financial advice and legal assistance prior to applying for a SMSF loan.

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  • Company trustees of SMSFs buying or refinancing; residential, commercial, industrial or rural investment property in Australia.
  • Individual trustees of SMSFs buying or refinancing; commercial, industrial, or rural investment property in Australia.  Please note, at this time, Suncorp does not provide loans to individual SMSF trustees purchasing residential property.
  • Lending is not available for property under construction or water rights.

Loan Amount

  • Minimum: $250,000
  • Maximum: $5,000,000

Loan to Value Ratio

  • Maximum: 80% for residential property.
  • Maximum: 60% for commercial, industrial or rural property.

Loan Term

  • Up to 15 years for commercial, industrial, or rural property
  • Up to 25 years for residential property


  • Limited recourse mortgage and guarantee from the Property Trustee in relation to the investment property.
  • Guarantees may also be required from the SMSF members and other companies or trusts related to the members.

Redraw Option

Redraw of payments in advance is not available for SMSF loans.



$1000. Includes the Bank's legal fees and company and title search fees. This fee may increase if there are complexities.

Establishment Fee

Varies with each application.

Other fees and charges apply. Please refer to the Business Term Loans section in Lending Fees and Charges for fees and charges applicable for SMSF Loans. 

You can also contact your Business Banking Manager on 13 11 75 for more information.