Apply for a Business Loan

Information on what you need to apply for a Suncorp Bank business loan.


Before you apply, you need to be:

  • 18 years or older
  • An Australian resident
  • Able to provide the information detailed in the checklist below



Documents to show business income

  • Financial Statements for the business for 2 years, including the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements. You need to show us Interim Financial Statements if Accountant prepared Financial Statements are over 12 months old. We might also need BAS statements, cashflow projections, and a business plan prepared by a qualified professional, such as a Chartered or Public Accountant
  • Full personal tax returns for each Business Principal for the last financial year. We also need Payslips if employment income will be used to service the finance
Supporting documents
  • Copy of business related account statements for the last 12 months (if not with Suncorp)
Documents detailing security property being offered (if relevant)
  • Copy of most recent Council rates notice for existing property being offered as security
  • Copy of executed purchase contract if the property being offered as security is being purchased
Documents showing how money is used
  • Copy of fully executed and dated Contract of Sale or invoice as applicable
Documents supporting refinance (if relevant)
  • A copy of the Loan Account Statements for the last 12 months from your current Financial Institution. This includes any Credit Card statements and Lease Repayment Schedules, if a credit card or lease is being refinanced
Identification Documents