Savings Gearing

Savings Gearing through regular monthly contributions is increasingly popular.

It combines a regular savings plan with a Margin Loan. Each month, customers provide a fixed equity contribution from their savings account. This is supplemented by a loan draw down from the Savings Gearing loan. These funds are combined and invested in approved Managed Funds. 

Savings Gearing

Solid savings plan

Builds an investment portfolio month by month


Wide range of funds

Offers a large selection of Approved Managed Funds


Low initial customer equity contribution

$1,000 subject to Fund Manager requirements


Low on-going monthly equity contribution

$250.00 subject to Fund Manager requirements


Minimum initial loan

$1000.00 subject to Fund Manager requirements


Minimum monthly loan advance

You have a buffer of 5% for ASX Listed companies and 10% for Managed Funds above the maximum lending ratios applying to your security


Monthly account statements

Keep track of your portfolio and loan details


Wide range of repayment options

Use branch deposits, Bpay or Direct Debit


Competitive interest rates

Variable rates and fixed pre-paid interest rate

Establishment fees

Individual Applicants - Nil
Company Applicants - $150 per company
Trust Applicants - $150 per Trust
Please visit Margin Lending for more details.

Monthly Account Keeping FeeNil



Approved Securities List

See the Approved Securities List.