Margin Lending

Suncorp Bank Margin Lending.

Specialist service from our account management team. No minimum loan balance. No establishment or application fees for individuals, and no account keeping fees or ongoing costs, regardless of whether you're an individual, company or trust.1 

Margin Loans

How it works: Credit and Borrowing Limits, the Benefits and Risks

Features, Rates and Fees, and acceptable securities with a Suncorp Bank Margin Loan

For the uncomplicated management of your investments, and a seamless trading experience, link your Margin Loan to your Suncorp Share Trade account and enjoy a range of benefits.

Application forms that you will need to apply for a Margin Loan, including other documentation and request forms.

Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees of a Suncorp Bank Margin Loan

Risk Management

Some strategies to help you mitigate the risks of Margin Lending.

Diversified Portfolio Feature

Suncorp Bank's Diversified Portfolio feature gives customers with diversified portfolios the ability to borrow against additional securities that are on the Diversified Portfolio Acceptable Security List.

Contact Us about a Margin Loan

Our specialist Margin Lending team are available to answer your questions.


Interest payments may be tax deductible so speak to your financial or tax adviser about Margin Lending today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Suncorp Bank lends in its discretion to approved applicants and subject to the terms and conditions of the Margin Loan facility.

Suncorp Bank Margin Loans are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722 AFSL 229882. You should read the relevant Suncorp Bank Margin Lending Product Disclosure Statement before you make any decision regarding this product. The Suncorp Bank margin loan is also subject to standard terms and conditions

1Companies and Trusts are required to pay a $165 or $139 respectively to cover company search or trust vetting fees.