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 Standard VariableBack to BasicsFixed RateAccess Equity


Interest TypeVariableDiscounted VariableFixed for a periodVariable
Ability to 'split'1    
Redraw facility Cashback2   N/A
Offset facility3    
Add Loan facility4    


FrequencyWeekly, fortnightly or monthlyWeekly, fortnightly or monthlyWeekly, fortnightly or monthlyWhen it suits you whilst the balance remains below the approved limit
Interest Only option5Yes; monthly in arrearsYes; monthly in arrearsYes; monthly in arrears or annually in advanceN/A
Ability to make lump sum or extra repayments6    


Loan Establishment Fee


$990 for loans over 90% property value

Nil for borrowings >$150,000

$600 for borrowings



$990 for loans over 90% property value

Account Keeping Fee$10 per monthNil$10 per month$10 per month
​For a complete guide to the fees and charges on our loans, please download the Lending Fees and Charges brochure (PDF, 301kb) or obtain a copy from a Suncorp branch near you.

1 Split your loan into two loans, one fixed rate loan and one variable rate loan in a proportion of your choice (e.g. 75% fixed and 25% variable). At the end of any fixed rate period, the fixed loan automatically rolls onto the standard variable rate or you can apply to fix the interest rate again. Variation fees apply.

2 You need to apply for Cashback which is available subject to conditions specified in the contract. Please read those conditions carefully. A Cashback fee may be charged. External transfers cannot be performed using online Cashback

3 A Mortgage Offset facility can be established by linking your Everyday Options account to the loan account and having it in offset mode. A Mortgage Offset Fee applies to link the 100% Home Loan Offset facility to your home loan. This fee is charged to your linked loan account. Everyday Options accounts are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722 (“Suncorp Bank”). Please read the applicable Product Information Document before making any decisions about an Everyday Options account. Contact Suncorp Bank for a copy or call into a local branch.

4 An Additional Loan is available (subject to satisfying our credit requirements) and fees and conditions may apply.

5 A maximum period of five years interest only repayments applies and is subject to you satisfying applicable Bank criteria.

6 For Fixed Rate Home Loans, an Early Payment Interest Adjustment (EPIA) applies if more than the prepayment allowance (currently $499.99 per month) is paid in excess of the agreed monthly repayment. The EPIA also applies if the loan is repaid in full or the agreed fixed rate period is broken for any reason. EPIA applies to the whole amount prepaid. For more information on EPIA ask in branch for our EPIA brochure.