Increasing your Home Loan

Have a home loan, and need some additional funds?

With a Suncorp Bank 'Add' or 'Equity' Loan, you can utilise your existing Suncorp Bank home loan to achieve just that.

Whether you're:

  • Planning renovations
  • Consolidating your debt
  • Ready to buy your dream car


Our Add and Equity Loans can help.


What are the 'Add' and 'Equity' Loans?

The 'Add' and 'Equity' loans are both ways to 'top up' or to 'borrow more' using your existing home loan.

  • An Add Loan increases your existing loan sum,
  • And an Equity Loan allows you to use the equity in the value of your home to obtain a new loan.


Add Loans*

An Add Loan simply adds the amount you wish to borrow onto your existing home loan. It increases your current repayment amount, but your remaining loan term, and loan type remains the same.

  • Example: A customer has a $300,000 home loan, with 20 years remaining. They apply for an Add Loan of $10,000 for a new car. If they are successful, their home loan would increase to $310,000, still with 20 years remaining.


Equity Loan*

An Equity loan is an entirely new loan, but is granted to you based on the equity you've built up on your current loan.

  • With an equity loan, you can choose a different loan type to your current home loan.
  • With a separate loan, you can monitor exactly what you've paid and left owing on your additional borrowings.


The Add and Equity Loan options are available on our:

Fees and Terms

Add Loan 

Establishment Fee
  • $300
Minimum Borrowing Amount
  • $10,000.
Loan Term
  • The remainder that's left on your Home Loan

Equity Loan

Establishment Fee
  • $600
Minimum Borrowing Amount
  • $10,000.
Loan Term
  • Minimum 8 years
  • Maximum 30 years



* Add Loans and Equity Loans are provided by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722 Australian Credit Licence 229882 (“Suncorp Bank”) to approved applicants only. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply and are available upon request.