What will my mortgage repayments be?

This handy calculator helps you calculate an estimate of your minimum repayments. 

Simply enter your home loan details, including the interest rate, to get an idea of either monthly, fortnightly, or weekly instalments. Please note this calculator is to be used as an approximate guide only. Please contact us on 13 11 75 if you’d like to speak to someone about your best repayment options.


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We recommend using the minimum monthly repayments to compare banks instead of relying on fortnightly or weekly repayment calculations which cannot be compared directly. This is because you need to ensure you pay the total monthly repayment each month regardless of frequency of payments. Our calculator is set up to show half of your monthly repayment every fortnight, or a quarter of your monthly repayment every week, meaning you will pay over the minimum requirement and this will help you pay your loan back faster.

Important Information

The calculations provided are estimates only and based upon the information entered into the calculator by the user. The calculations do not include upfront or continuing credit fees and charges. The resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application or variation to an existing Suncorp Bank facility, loan offer or loan approval.