Travel Hints and Tips for Customers

Are you thinking of travelling overseas? Our tips can help you prepare.


Learn more about what you need to consider organising your holiday all the way through to departure.

Travel Hints and Tips
How To Start
  • Organise and check your visas. Visit the Department of Foreign Trade (DFAT) website to see if a visa is required to enter your holiday destination.
  • It is recommended to organise travel insurance before you book and pay for your trip.
  • Visit websites to read reviews of hotels before you book them. Sites such as Trip Advisor include customer reviews and extra useful information.
  • Research your holiday destination as much as you can. Using the destination's tourism website or reading books can give you tips on activities and best transport methods. Prepaying for these activities and transport options may be cheaper if booked from Australia.
  • Check to see how much luggage your airline will let you depart and arrive with. For some airlines, pre-buying extra luggage weight online works out much cheaper than at the airport.
  • Check with your doctor if any vaccinations are required or recommended for your holiday. The Federal Government's Smart Traveller website lists current health warnings for all countries.
  • Organise your foreign currency. It is recommended to have a combination of currency types and cards for backup. Have small denominations of cash available for food in between connecting flights etc. when you first arrive.
  • Ensure you let us know where and when you are going. Notes can be made on our systems so if transactions are being made overseas, we are aware that your card(s) may be used overseas.
  • Write down important numbers for your bank, insurance and government details. Below are some important Suncorp numbers:
    • General banking, lost cards and insurance enquiries call 13 11 75 or +61 (7) 3362 1222.
    • Phone banking 13 11 25 or 61 7 3362 8549.
    • Suncorp Travel Insurance claims assistance from overseas +61 (2) 8987 1625 (please call an international operator and request that they call Australia reverse charges).
    • Visa Global Customer Assistance 1800 450 346. Visit Visa for emergency numbers for your destination.
  • If you have any bills due, you can utilise Internet Banking and BPAY®/schedule them in advance.
  • If you wish to access Internet or Mobile Phone Banking overseas, protect yourself by obtaining a Suncorp Security Token. It is generally not recommended to use Internet cafes unless you know they are secure.
  • Find out the weather and customs of your destination before you pack.
  • Become familiar with common phrases if your destination primarily speaks a language other than English. Common phrase lists are easily available online.
  • Check to see if tipping is mandatory in the country you are going to and how much is expected.
  • It's a good idea to make an itinerary of all your flights, hotels and city maps. Photocopy your passport, itinerary and credit card numbers so if anything is lost, someone at home can help you organise replacements.
  • Ensure you review the check-in times for airports and hotels to ensure you leave enough time for queues, delays and customs.
  • Check the voltage and type of power supply overseas to ensure any electronic items you take can be used/plugged in overseas.
  • If you are taking your phone overseas, contact your provider to see if you make and receive calls overseas. As a cheaper alternative, it may be worthwhile purchasing a pre-paid phone/SIM card overseas.
  • Contact any home delivery services you have and cancel/suspend any deliveries such as milk or newspapers. Also be sure to arrange for mail/rubbish bins and pets to be looked after.
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