Documentary Collection

A flexible and cost-effective alternative to a Letter of Credit whereby Suncorp acts as a channel for the shipping documents and facilitates (but does not guarantee) payments.

For imports, Suncorp act as an agent and hold all documents of title, thus retaining control over the goods until the importer pays or executes a Bill of Exchange committing to pay on an agreed date. For exports, Suncorp act as an agent in collecting payment on behalf of the exporter.

Documentary Collection


Drawdown Amount
  • Minimum: $1,000
  • Maximum: No maximum amount
  • Not applicable.
  • Fees are applicable to maintain the collection.
  • Minimum: On sight
  • Maximum: No maximum limit.
  • Transaction based facility. No security required.
  • Available in multiple currencies


All trade finance facilities are available to approved applicants only and are subject to fees and charges. Terms and Conditions also apply. Risks are involved in utilising foreign currency products and dealing in international trade operations. Independent legal and accounting advice should be sought in relation to the risks involved and the suitability of these products for your specific needs.