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Looking for immediate assistance?

24 hour, 7 day technical support is available from the EFTPOS Terminal Support helpdesk on 1800 836 055, or contact 13 11 75 for Merchant Account queries. If you're looking for sales support, please see the Small Business Manager list for the most appropriate contact.

Assistance for Existing Merchants

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I need new printer rolls, vouchers, or envelopes

You can order all your stationery online, and for free, by using our quick and easy online stationery order form.

Helpful Forms: I need to change my terminal, and/or permission settings

What you're looking for is one of our many Change Request Forms.


Request FormDescription
Change of AddressUse this form if you wish to request a change in trading and or mailing address. This is only available if the ownership and nature of business is to remain the same.
Add/Remove Additional AccessUse this form to enable addition access to the merchant facility.
Change to Registered Bus/Trading NameUse this form to request a change to your Registered Business Name, and/or the name that's to appear on your receipts. This is only available if the ownership and nature of business is to remain the same.
Add/Remove cardsUse this form to enable Debit Cards or to add or remove Amex or Diners Charge cards.
Add/Remove MOTO functionalityUse this form to request the addition of removal of the MOTO functionality (Mail Order, Telephone Order) on your merchant facility.
Add/Remove surchargingUse this form to request the addition or removal of Surcharging functionality from your EFTPOS terminal.
Misc. changes to terminal

Use this form to request miscellaneous changes to your terminal’s functionality. Things like:

  • changing settlement times
  • the template type (Retail to Restaurant, etc)
  • optional functionality like waiter or cashier numbers, pump or fuel amounts.
  • adding or removing tipping
Increase/Decrease refund limitUse this form to request an increase or decrease in the refund limit on your merchant facility.

Additional Terminal required 

Use this form to request additional terminals under the same Merchant Number and same trading location.  If you want additional terminals for a new business or location please contact us on 13 11 75.


I need terminal operating instructions

Try our Contactless Quick Reference User Guide (VX520 & VX680) or our Quick Reference User Guide (IWL225 & ICT250)


I need information on chargebacks

What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a card transaction that’s been processed through your merchant facility. If the dispute is settled in favour of the customer, the original transaction amount will be ‘charged back’ to your merchant settlement account. That means your business bears the cost. More information on reducing Chargebacks can be found here:

Chargebacks (PDF)

I need information on fraud

What is Fraud?

Deceit perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage. More information on merchant fraud can be found here:

Merchant Fraud (PDF)

I need help with a technical problem

Missing a Settlement?

  • If the terminal has settled, but the funds are not appearing in your account, call 13 11 75 and ask to speak to Merchant Services.


Seeing a Blank Screen?

  • Ensure that all terminal power cable connections and power supply outlets are connected, and operational.


Communication Errors

  • Check all terminal phone cable connections, and phone supply outlets. Connect the phone line to a telephone to check for dial tone, and cable quality.
  • Clear any message bank on the line.
  • Disconnect call waiting.
  • Attempt a call from the telephone.
  • Has the telephone line recently changed to or from a PABX system? If this is the case, your terminal will require a software upgrade. Call us on 1800 836 055 for help.
  • Guide to Resolving EFTPOS Communication Errors (Word doc, right click to save)


Card Reader Problems

  • Ensure that the card is being swiped in the right direction along the magnetic stripe.
  • Try swiping the card in both upwards and downwards directions.
  • Ensure that the card is being swiped at a fast enough speed.
  • Try using a Cleaner Card from your Suncorp Bank stationary kit to clean the card reader. You can order a new Cleaner Card if you don't have one.


Printing Problems

  • Ensure the paper is in the printer.
  • Check for a paper jam.
  • Check that the paper is coming from underneath the roll and not from over the top.
  • Ensure the printer cover is properly in place.


Still not working?

  • Please call the 24-hour faults line on 1800 836 055 for help.

Terms and Conditions 

Download our Suncorp Bank EFTPOS Terms and Conditions for a Suncorp Merchant Facility.

Download our Suncorp Virtual POS Terms and Conditions for a Suncorp Virtual POS Merchant Facility.


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