Choosing a Merchant Service for your Business

Enjoy a wide range of options from Suncorp Bank.

Choosing the right Merchant service starts with assessing how you'd like to receive payments from your customers, and too, the size of your business.

Choose the right Merchant terminal for your business.



Over the counter

I run a small to medium-sized business

Counter-top EFTPOS - the standard, counter-top EFTPOS terminal which sits alongside your cash register.


I run a large business, process a heavy flow of customers, and/or have multiple registers

Integrated POS - An EFTPOS terminal that integrates its functionality with your cash register, saving you time and effort.

 Ideal for: retail, supermarkets, health businesses, professional services

On the move

I want to accept payments on the move; be it place to place, or counter to counter

Mobile EFTPOS - A wirelessly connected and cordless EFTPOS terminal for processing payments on the move.


 Ideal for: mobile trades, kiosks, outdoor market stalls

Online & More
  • Online Store Payments -The SHOPPING CART solution authorises payments in real-time from your business’s website, allowing customers to browse and purchase your products and services in their own time, and from home, saving you all the hard work.
  • Mail and Telephone Order Payments - The MOTO payment solution enables your business to process individual mail, and telephone order payments in real-time, via a web-based payment page.
  • Recurring Credit Card Payments - The BATCH LOADER solution allows for scheduled and regular charges to a customer’s credit card, for things like memberships, or subscription billing.


 Ideal foronline shopping, subcriptions, memberships, catalogue purchases, mail order, recurring payments