How can a Financial Planner help you?

Seeing a Suncorp Financial Planner is a simple, affordable way to manage your finances, while still leaving you in control.

No matter your age, income, experience or goals, a Suncorp Financial Planner may be able to help you increase your wealth, save on tax and secure the lifestyle you want.


About Financial Planning
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When to Visit

When should you see a Financial Planner?

A Suncorp Financial Planner can help during every stage of life:


Starting out: Aged 18-30

No matter what you're starting, we can help you get a foot up the financial ladder.

What’s your financial priority?

  • Save for a car or holiday
  • Fund a longer term goal like a home deposit or your own business
  • Select the right investment strategy for your superannuation
  • Combine your super to save on fees and paperwork
  • Protect your income in case you’re injured and can’t work for a while.


Settling down: Aged 30-50

As you get a little older and wiser, your priorities often change. They may involve buying a home, starting a family or building an investment portfolio.

What’s your financial priority?

  • Save for your kids’ education
  • Get your super working more effectively
  • Invest in property or shares
  • Protect your family, income and assets
  • Make the most of a redundancy, inheritance or insurance payout
  • Look after your business and employees with the most appropriate superannuation and insurance solutions.


Empty nest: Aged 50-65

When the children have grown up and left home, you might find you have extra money! This makes it a great time to focus on building wealth for the future.

What’s your financial priority?

  • Boost the value of your superannuation
  • Use the equity in your home to invest
  • Get your finances back on track following a divorce
  • Access your super after age 55 to supplement your income
  • Make the most of a redundancy, inheritance or insurance payout
  • Protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.



After working so hard for so long, we all want to have enough money to enjoy life and do all the things we haven't had time to do.

What’s your financial priority?

  • Find out about tax-effective retirement solutions
  • Maximise the value of your superannuation
  • Make your money last in retirement
  • Maximise Centrelink entitlements.


Our Role

The role of a Financial Planner

At Suncorp, we believe in ensuring our clients have money when they need it most. Our Financial Planners can provide an honest assessment of your financial situation, help identify your goals, and customise a plan that best suits you.

They can help build and protect your wealth with advice on:

  • Managing your debt and cash flow
  • Tax effective investment strategies
  • Protecting your money against inflation and investment risk
  • Protecting your income and lifestyle in case life takes a turn for the worse
  • Accumulating enough money for your retirement
  • Maximising your income in retirement
  • Protecting the future of your business
  • Providing for your children and grandchildren.

A Suncorp Financial Planner can also help keep you on the path to financial success, by providing you with the advice and support you need over the long term.

Why Suncorp?

Why choose a Suncorp Financial Planner?

Suncorp Financial Planners are dedicated to helping their clients prepare for life’s most important milestones and achieve their financial goals. They have the qualifications and experience to guide you through the big financial decisions in your life, and are committed to looking after your best interests. They will take the time to listen, explain things clearly and keep you informed throughout the advice process.

Suncorp Financial Planners are required to undertake ongoing industry training every year in order to retain their accreditation to represent Suncorp.

You can be confident in the knowledge that Suncorp has experience in banking, insurance, financial planning and superannuation dating back to 1902. Today, Suncorp has the greatest reach of any bank into regional Queensland, and a rapidly growing presence across the country.


Important Information

Financial product advice is provided by representatives of Suncorp Financial Services Pty Limited ABN 50 010 844 621, AFSL 229882

This is general advice and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this general advice you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement and the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs and consult your financial adviser