Why aren't all my accounts listed on the account balances page?

There are two reasons why an account may not be listed on the account balances page.

1. If the account isn’t linked to Internet Banking. Only accounts that you personally have linked to Internet Banking will appear on the account balances screen.

To add another account in the App, click on Add Account at the top of the Balances screen, and add any accounts that are missing. You can only link Suncorp Bank accounts.

2. The account is not included in your default profile. The Mobile Banking Apps don’t support different profiles – it is only your default profile that can be shown. If you need to see an account in an App, it needs to be in your default profile. Accounts can be included on more than one profile if required. To add another account, simply choose the Add Account option at the bottom of the Balances screen. If you believe you have linked an account that is not showing, please call us on 13 11 75.