What is QuickShare?

The QuickShare feature in our Suncorp Bank Mobile Banking app allows you to easier share your account details with contacts in your phone.

There are 3 parts to QuickShare:

  1. You can login to the app, tap on your account, tap "Share Details" and complete a virtual I owe you (IOU). This can then be sent to a contact in your phone as a SMS to ask them to pay you back.
  2. You have the option to set this feature to be accessible via the app home screen. You can do this by going into Settings once logged into the app.
  3. If you have a friend who also has the Suncorp Bank Mobile Banking App, you can setup a virtual IOU and then have your friend login to their Suncorp Bank app and go to "Scan QR code" within the transfers section of the app. Your friend can then scan the code and have all the detailed automatically entered into a send money flow. This makes is simple for your friend to pay you back.


Note that sharing details or using QuickShare doesn't initiate a transaction and only sends a message with your details.

Your can learn more by going to our QuickShare page.