What is the difference between swiping my card and a chip card, what if I have both? Which one should I use, and when?

Most cards will have both a magnetic strip and a microchip.

Chip cards are more secure as chip technology makes it more difficult to fraudulently copy card details.
You may begin to see a small difference in how transactions are processed when using a card with chip functionality. Merchants who can enable chip transactions through in-store payment terminals may ask you to insert, or ‘dip’, your chip card in the base of the terminal, instead of swiping the magnetic strip on the back of the card through the terminal. When you transact by inserting your chip card, the card will remain there for the entire transaction.

All Suncorp Clear Options Credit Cards are chip enabled, and also have a magnetic strip. Some merchants may not have chip enabled EFTPOS terminals so you will still need to swipe your card.